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Posted on: April 21, 2009 2:46 pm

WPS: What Are They Thinking?

OK, so it's Tuesday afternoon.  I'm out of work temporarily.  There are no decent live sporting events being shown right now.  Well, there are some claiming races on TVG, but with the Derby in 11 days, there is no reason to drop that low for action.  There was a decent Ali-Frazier documentary on HBO that ended a few minutes ago; and ESPN Classic right now is running the MAC Football Championship from '97, and I turned to that just in time to see a Pennington-to-Moss TD connection in the snow with Marshall's stadium going nuts, and of course Moss was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for taunting Toledo defenders on his trot into the end zone.

But I kept flipping hoping for something better.  OK, Liverpool-Arsenal in the Premiership is on at 3pm, but it's shown on Setanta, which is like the only pay-per-view sports service on DirecTV that I don't subscribe to.  I have every other package they offer and my bill is outrageous, but it is worth every penny.  Otherwise, I would spend a gazillion times more going to live events and all the costs those incur; or going to sports bars and running up obscene tabs.

What does this have to do with WPS: a.k.a. Women's Professional Soccer?  Yeah, I'm getting to that.  You see, there is a WPS game on Fox Soccer Channel right now.  The game is Sky Blue FC at Chicago Red Stars.  Not knowing a thing about these teams, naturally the team wearing sky blue jerseys must be Sky Blue FC and the team wearing orangish-red jerseys must be Chicago Red Stars, right?  Of course not, silly me!  (Full disclosure: I am partially color-blind, usually distinguising dark/violet colors are my problem, but maybe I'm just not seeing these shirts on the screen correctly?)  I call my friend who is also home, and who has normal color vision and a full complement of DirecTV services.  He confirms that Chicago Red Stars are indeed wearing sky blue and "Sky Blue FC" is wearing what my buddy terms as straight orange.

Oh, and Sky Blue FC is based in New Jersey, for what that's worth; you know because the name "Sky Blue" totally evokes the pleasant scenery of places like Newark and Trenton.  So I checked to see if this club is sponsored by the airline Jet Blue, maybe it's like the NY Red Bulls in MLS and a way to incorporate a sponsor into a team name?  Wrong again.  Sky Blue Soccer is some all-level grassroots soccer program based in the Garden State.  Still doesn't explain why in the world their most visible team is donning orange jerseys?  And furthermore, why would the Chicago Red Stars wear sky blue?  It can't be a home-and-away jersey deal because Chicago is at home, wearing their sky blue.  It surely makes one wonder what color are the shirts worn by the team known as "FC Gold Pride" in the SF Bay Area?

Meanwhile, why is WPS allowing this to happen?  Professional women's soccer leagues have already had enough trouble trying to establish themselves here in the U.S.  Having such obviously mis-matched names and uniform combinations will only cause ridicule and identity confusion for a sport that needs neither.

(This was originally put up on soccer message board, but upon re-reading decided it was more worthy as a blog post).

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