Posted on: September 6, 2009 5:19 pm
Edited on: September 24, 2009 12:04 am

Pipe Down Philadelphia

  1. Last night (9/5/09), Ross Ohlendorf struck out the side against St. Louis in
    the 7th inning on just nine pitches.  It marked the 43rd time in
    Baseball history that the feat had been pulled off; and
    Ohlendorf became the 40th man to accomplish it. Card batters were K. Greene, J. Lugo and  J. La Rue)
  2. We'll be hearing a lot in the coming days about the Bucs having a losing record for 17 straight seasons, breaking the 16-year mark held by the Phillies.  Here is best how we Pirate fans can rebut:
(sort by W/L %)

11) Pirates 19,441GP 9,744W 9,561L (.505)

28) Phillies 19,288GP 9,022W 10,154L  (.470)

Only Padres and Devil Rays are worse than Phils, who are 115
years older than Tampa Bay and 86 years older than San Diego.  The best way to measure it: Philadelphia is 1,132 games below .500 and they would need to go unbeaten for 7 consecutive 162-game seasons to level the scales!
Posted on: July 19, 2009 3:23 am

What I Learned Yesterday...

Three things I didn't know before July 18, 2009:

--MLB umpire Jim Wolf is Los Angeles Dodgers' hurler Randy Wolf's older brother.  Having lived around Philadelphia for so long, I figure I should have known this by now, but it was gleaned from an FSN Prime Ticket show called Before the Bigs which aired after the Astros-Dodgers game tonight.

--According to his official PGA Tour dossier, the American tied for 8th at Turnberry with 18 holes left to play; namely rising star and former NCAA golf phenom Bryce Molder, was born with no left pectoral muscle (which makes that side of his chest concave), and also with Poland Syndrome, a fairly rare defect that made his left hand much smaller than his right. He underwent two surgeries before he was 5 years old because three fingers on his left hand were webbed together up to the knuckle.

--And finally from the "This Date in History" files: On July 18, 1980, Tom Watson held the 54-hole lead at the Open Championship and an odd thing happened to the Baltimore Orioles; for the ninth straight game they faced a left-handed starting pitcher, which set a Major League Baseball record.  Well, yesterday, 29 years later to the day, Tom Watson held the 54-hole lead at the Open Championship, and, oh, by the way, the Baltimore Orioles tied their own record when they squared off against a left-handed starter for the ninth straight game.

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